~~my little world~~

sometimes i don't know how to express my true feeling!!Thus, i like to write it out~~~hope after that ,i will feel better and comfortable!!

tORtoIsE's bLoG~~~@@!!

~~i'm a pretty tortoise~~keke!!

Today,i was like normal days click into my mail box and saw a mail with the title of "从生日判断你是什么脾气‏"..

With the wish want to know whether it is true or not, thus i have clicked into this mail and scroll down to search for my birthday day...

when found my birthday day then i was carefully read through the details and i found that it is really accurate..

all the words is describing me with none of it that make me feel is incorrect...
this is what has described me..


especially 对于讨厌的人,会毫不保留地加以唾弃 so better don't be a person that i hate~~!!!haha...

yet i'm wondering really can determine a person just from birthday day??
however, if you really know well about me sure you will agree with the above blue sentence which is describing me..but it seems like excluded one more sentence ed.."is a lazy boom"~~~!

there is different type of human being in our world~~
actually i olso do not exactly know how many type it's exist in our world.. i have a very BIG question mark for this question!!!
however, i can see that there is few types of different people that are surrounding us..
these can be categorized into :
1) a person who really treat you as he/her best friend and without any motive.
2) a person who treats you as friend with a motive.
3) a person who is acting as your best friend in front you but talking your bad things behind.
4) a person who acts as a good person in front of someone.
5) a person who likes to act at everytimes.
6) ....etc
The first type of people is worth to be treated as best friend, BUT as we know it's quite difficult to have all friends which are under this categorized. This is because every human is selfish, they just care about themselves and do not think about others.
Furthermore, some people treated you as good friend is caused you got the value for them, and when you are non-value for them, they will just kick you away. This type of human is not worth to be treated as good friend and we should have a distance with them. Sometimes most of us will meet a friend who is acting as our good friend but they are talking your bad things with other and do anything that injur you. Most of this happened when they are jealous with you,especially when you have a good relationship with someone. At this time, they will keep talking about you with other or even with your best friend. They purpose is to break down your relationship. Therefore,must be aware of this type of people. Unfortunately, we do not know whether someone is fallen under which categorized before be friend with them, as we just can see their real face after as a friend~~!! This is the most scary thing in the world~~
I'm very curious why got so many type of people?? why they cannot treat everyone equally or fairly and why must break other relationship. The BIG question for me is non the above at all, the above is just a small question mark for me~~@@

the big question mark for me right now is " WHY MUST A PERSON ACTING TO LET OTHER FEEL HE/SHE IS A GOOD PERSON"..That's why sometimes i prefer to be alone but for me i cannot live without any friend...Lucikly i got my best friend, who i know they wont do anything that will hurt me~~!! i really love them~~~


finally, im a last year student ed...
when in foundation, i keep thinking of::
-can i finish my foundation?
-will i pass all the paper with no resit and repeat?
the same questions keep pop in my mind that force me to study hard...
and with the "ri lian da sheng ren" bless..i was passed my foundation with the a not bad result..

after in degree...
the same questions were around me~~!!
-when i will graduate?
-hope that i will graduate next sem?
-when see all the senior friends graduated, i feel happy for them?
these all questions make me to faint....but finally now in year three ed..
actually quick happy..@_@

so last year ed...i need to fight with all the papers~~!!
now, the thesis make me sot ed..
actually, i duno wat to do with this thesis~~!!
where should we start?
wat topic should we do?
really is a Blank~~QQ
hope i can get a topic soon...
and successfully finish dis thesis...

ChaRlie gambate!!~~
kerpei,teoh n phaik yin let us gambate together ya..
all the best in the future~~!!






stupid charlie~~
the questions are so easy, u also can do mistake!!!!!
still said easy and know how to do!!!
somemore so fast left exam hall~~~u tought u really so geng meh!!!
heng r!!! how come i can did it wrongly???
how come??? now also don't know how many questions were used that formula.....
don't know how many marks i will lost...but even one mark also important for me le!!!haiz...
actuallly, i already understand all the particular topics and all the formulas were in my mind ed....now also can remember all the formulas...
but why??
i can did it wrongly!!!
just can say me too careless and stupid ed..
i should not do this mistake d...should not!!!
the questions are not tought!!!! somemore i calculated two times ed...haiz
is me careless...make me no mood now....

the moral that i get from this time is see clearly before answering the questions..
dont make myself regret anymore and lost the marks....
the most important thing is CANNOT LEAVE THE HALL early...must wait till end of exam!!!
remember charlie!!!!

boring r....
do not what to do r...
study? feel wanna relax as just finish tests and assignments..
sleep? do not feel sleepy..
paly? do not wan play what...ed played game til sien..
watch drama? do not wan watch wat drama..if i choose to watch drama then sure cham d la..no ned eat,sleep and do homework ed..
go out? lazy to go...
chat? chatting with frens now but feel sien oso...

WAHT SHOULD I DO???? ++++====>>> SIEN r..

think wanna msg him but he is working now....
sure din reply me d..
somemore if reply after his works then oso few sentences oly...
so better dun wan msg him...

i wan go back...
miss my parents, my lovely home, my bed and my toilet....
haiz...must wait 2moro just can back r...
sien diao yao sei r...
who can help me???????

haha..stupid me, owez waste time to do something for him..hehe..
but i think should be valueable ba...
wat i will do for this time le..hehe..
it is not a secret but it is a secret to him...@_@

in this few weeks, i keep thinking what i wan to do in this coming sem break le..
think for few weeks ed...
finally i got an idea...
i wan make a birthday cake for him..
so most probably i will use this sem break time to learn how to do a birthday cake...
although his birthday is still far away but i think it is the suitable time for me to start learn ed..
because i know myself dont have much time to learn as i still need to work also and do it correctly plus delicious in a short time period..
therefore, i should start in this coming sem break..hehe..
i can't wait for this coming holidays ed..
i tell myself that i must learn it probably and pratice until i can do it..
actually, i want do his favorite cake but my fren told me i should learn how to do tiramisu..
as they said tiramisu just can show the feelings..haha..tat's y confusing..hehe..
but i think i will follow what they said ba..hehe..

btw,my lovely friend said wan record down my effort in learning and doing the cake to let him see my effort...(thx to her o, love u)
but i think this is not the most important that i want from making this cake..
i just wan him feel my real effort and heart....
hehe..hope he can feel it...
i hope he will like it..

waiting that day....
hope i reli got that time to do and achieve the target that i was set....

charlie gambate!!

yesterday, i was attended a friend b'day party...
at there, i realised one thing was happened...
as i guess, he was very sad at yesterday night ba..(xx, am i right?)
keep see the girl that he likes was forcing by others to take photo with xx...
and he just can see over there, cannot do anything that he wants to do, as he and she just a normal friend...
actually, i just wan tell him that " i know your feelings"...
it like the heart was pierced by the knife.. it is very pain....
but, i really don't know that..
why he can pretend nothing was happened!!! (very geng lo)...
if for me...i will silent and sit over there or choose to chat with other friend and don't want see what they are doing there..haha..
anyway, just hope he can faster recover and happy forever la...hehe...

god please faster let him find his true love ba..jia you o...

finally he was sent by company to oversea ed...
actually this is a great thing, which he should feel happy...
but as i know this will make him feel suffer and stress when going to work at oversea next time...
as he needs to determine:
1) what stocks can attract Malaysia people?
2) isn't this stocks will be sales in M'sia?
3) how much sholud it sales?
4)....n lotz...
i think all of this consideration will make him crzay ba...but i trust at him that he can handle all of this...
because he is not a stupid person..he got his own thinking of doing business...
so sure he can d..
i just hope that he can know "everything also have their own problem jsut see how we going to solve it only~~~and every problem has their own solution just c whether we manage to find the solution or not"
so i wan to tell him "zai, dun feel stress just do whatever u think is correct...believe urself u can settle everything that given by ur uncle...the most important thing is i believe at u"

ailks...suddenly very miss him pula...
don't know how is he at there???
after work sure very boring d as i know his attitude...
but i couldnt accompany him and i cant call him as well...
just hope he is in the good condition lo...
miss u o..
all the best~~
kick away all the stress that is surrounding u~~~kick kick kick

omg~~im just finished my taxation test...
actually should feel happy after test but im in a moody situation as i did it very poor~~~
how come i can forget all things that i was studied??
and what i was focused are not tested....
but came out with all theories that i was simply go through d...
sad diao..
it's 20% of the final marks....
reli gone jor le la...

erm, it was happened on Saturday night...

after back from work, i was felt hungry and went to kitchen for a milo, and my mum was standing beside me to have her drink also..
at that moment, we started to chat regarding my sister situations in Aus...
from the moment we chat i feel like want ask mummy to sponsor me some money to buy a dress for ball night but i was no dare to ask as i know she will scold me because me going to spend money again...
so, im thinking to tell her in a indirect way..hehe..(jia dao bao)
after few minutes of our conversation, i told mum that...
"mum, do u know im going to a ball night which held by our school in the following monday? besides, this maybe is the last year for having this ball night in Kuala Lumpur so i was decided to go with my friends...but the problem that i facing now is i don't have enough money to afford a dress for that night as it maybe expensive or maybe i want buy other things. So, mum can u sponsor me a bit? "
after i told my mum, then she is laughing at me and ask how much i need for the dress that i want? and u already find the dress that u like?
then i tell her " actually i haven't go and see any dress because i don't have money to buy"..haha
after she heard then she think for a while and said she knows for a ball night dress is quite expensive and asked me again how much of money i wan her sponsor?
then i just silent and looking at her...then she said isnt 1++ sth is enough for u?
and i answered her "shd be enough for me ba"..
(actually i just wan my mum sponsor me 50 bucks only..haha..too bad..)
however, she didn't said that she really will sponsor me..then i was thinking she maybe joking wif me jek as she don't like me always buy clothes...

after one hour later, she came in my room and asked me to do her a favor..
after she told me what shd i do, then i asked again "mum, u reli will sponsor me d ho"
then she said ball night dress is really expensive d le...
and i said "i know but...(smiling at her)"
after that, she told me that i will give u *** 2moro but u cannot spend all of the money...ok?
from the moment she was agreed to sponsor me, i feel very happy and very love my mum as this is the first time she didn't scold me for asking her to sponsor me for a dress...

wah, it's really great that i get the sponsor from her...
i wan to tell my mummy that, "mummy i really love u o"..wakaka...

and today i really bought a black long dress ed..
i like the dress but after i bought i feel like its too mature ed la..
how r?should i wear on that day? but i gt a feel wanna go and buy a new one but if let my mum knows then she will scold and kill me le...
gt a uncertainty here~~~
tarzan dress, should i wear u? a(pointless)haha


this is my first time design a birthday card for my best friend (mary)..
it spend me around 2 to 3 hours to complete it...
so Ms. slim mary you should feel touch that i did this card for you lo..haha..
do you know this is first time i do this..haha..
somemore is do for you while not the B guy o..
see in my heart you are more important than him...(do u think so?)
are you touch from what im saying??
sure touch le...
faster cry la...hehe...
must keep properly of this card wo...
and this consider as your birthday present d lo..
me got heart d..i did the present by my ownself..hehe

Mary...happy birthday ya..
may your dreams come true and all the best~~
between,faster find your "white horse" and get married le..
i know u had been waiting for longtime for your Mr.Right ed right?
i know what you are thinking d..
by the way, let me sing a song for u..
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to Ms.slim mary..
happy birthday to you...

happy le because i keep mention "slim"

enjoy your birthday lo~~~
p/s: stupid me la...after done just realise did wrong...
is 21 st not 21th..
stupid charlie..
mary sorry o...

im feel happy now...
because i just get news from my sister...
luckily she got on to facebook and noticed that i left her a message..
therefore, i got the news from her...
she told me that she is fine at there..
just havent found accomodation yet as it is not easy to find accomodation over there...
and that chinese girl who going together with her already found a single room for herself..
now leave my sister and that malay girl ba..and maybe those chinese guys also ba...
although she and the malay girl are from different culture and background...but i hope that they can take care of each other as what chinese people says "at house we need to depend on family while at outside we need to depend on friends"..so hope they can do as according to that sentence...
between, she told me that her legs are going to break already as the road at sydney very steep...
hope that she can faster comfort the environment over there la because she needs to stay there for four years...
the most important that im happy to hear from her is she asked me don't need to worry her as she will take care of herself...hope she can do as what she said la...then me not need everydays worry about "how is my sister today?"...
really hope she can learn independent over there..
i think i should start to believe her as she can take care herself and always in a good condition...
this is what my "boss" told me d..

i asked him if ur sister/brother go oversea study..u will not worry about them?
he told me that he will not as he knows his families are always in good conditions..
so i think i should learn from him...always trust that my families are always in good conditions...
thanks to "boss" telling me this lo...

now, just hope she can faster found the accomodation and settle down everythings that make her troublesome because her class is starting soon d..

p/s: my dear god (zhi lian da shen ren)...
1:you must take care of ling over there..
2:faster let her found a suitable accomodation and faster comfort with there's environment...
3:achieve what she wants in her life..
4:complete her study with a good result..
and last not least
please always make sure that she is in a good condition..
thanks god~~~

sien diao....
me could not go to my best friend 21th year old birthday party which held at neways and located at subang~~~
feel sad cannot enjoy with them for this wonderful day...@_@
really hope can go now but no choice i did not drive my car back sg. long for this week...
all is because of the stupid "opcile"... if not because of her sure i will have car and i can straight away go after my audit test...all due to her let me cannot go...settle a small thing also so slow!!!
how to deal with big business??
stupid "almya", really stupid~~~really wan bit her...

argh...i wan go enjoy and have fun with them..
miss them so much..
miss the crazy time and actions...
why im always absent for so many events de....
make me have less fun time with them...
sometime really feel regret did not go out with them....
im absent so many times d...

who can fetch me go??
they don't know where is here...so i could not call them come..
im scare they will lost when come here...
between, all of them got work tomorrow...

god r god...helps me..helps...

p/s: our lovely boss (jesse/cheong)..
wish u have a wonderful and unforgettable 21th birthday o...
may your dreams come true and faster find a girl friend to take care you ba..
you old already d..haha..
between, im sorry that i could nor attend your birthday party..
feel sad and sorry...

happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to jin cheong..
happy birthday to u..
muaks..love u~~~

i miss my sister so much...
on 21 of march, my sis was flied to Australia to complete her study over there~~~
i thought i won't cry when send her....
i think i will very tough on that day..
but at last im crying at the moment she is going into the center....

on 20 of march, six of her friends came to our house to find my sister and chat with her...
at the moment i already felt uncomfortable because i know she is going to Aus tomorrow...
but i control myself because i don't want she sad as well...
at that night, my 2nd brother and his girlfriend also came to our house as they want to see my sister for the last time before my sister leave M'sia...
and we asked him "are you going with us to send ling" and he said "see how first"..
(actually he wants to go d)..hehe...
my brother "bu she de" also d..just did not show it out~~~

on 21 of march, we went to airport at 4.15pm and stay there over more than 4 hours because 10.45pm she just will fly from M'sia..
(at last minutes before we left our house my brother told my daddy that he is coming back to house as want to send my sister as well...haha...at last he olso come..thanks kor for sending ling also)
at there i keep walked along with her...coz i feel bu she de...as she will leave me for few years...
when she is busying for check-in her laguage, her friends came to airport send her as well and gave her presents..
im really thanks to 10 of her friends who went to airport~~~
thanks to you all sending my sister....
after she checked her laguage then we went to have a last dinner with her before she is leaving us~~~
after that we walked to the place that all JPA students gather to go in to center....
after listened to the briefing then she get her passport and slowly wait in the center...
at the moment, i already cannnot control myself...
im start to cry as she is really leaving me and our family ed....
until non-stop and i also saw my sister like crying and feel bu she de at downstair also...
but what can we do...
just wait her to complete her study and back M'sia..

actually,i know she is going there to complete her study and i should feel proud of her..
but what should i do?
im worry of her as im normally take care of her when she was beside me...
and now she is going alone over there and our family cannot take care of her for 4years..
really worry about her...
as i don't know what she is doing now?
don't know whether she already found the hostel?
can she comforts the living style over there?
are the foods over there suitable for her?
i really want to know this all things because i did not see her on9 so i cannot get answer for these all questions..
i hope she can faster find the hostel and keep contact with us...

my lovely sister~~you must take care of yourself and keep contact with is o...
must enjoy your study life over there and get flying result back..
we all waiting you to come back...
don't give yourself too much of stress o...
just do your best...sister belive you can do it well d...
remember we all LOVE you~~~

on the 4th days of Chinese New Year.
i went to PD wif my banting geng..
actually there are nothing for us to play...
we ed gambling for whole day + drink sufficient alcohol~~
at the moment (nite), some of my frens are playing mahjong, me n another fren feel boring so we went in the master room n read the novel...
while reading the novel we think dat we should not read novel over there bcz we come here is to enjoy while not read novel over there..
so we started to think wat shd v do for dat moment...
after few mins then v walked in the other room to find other frens n think off wat v can do n play beside than gambling n mahjong~~~
few mins was passed, then one of my frens looks at a couple of our frens and think y not v act drama which is "bai xue gong zhu"..
n non of us was disagree wif him..
so our happy moment is started ed...(crazy in acting n being actor)
n here is the attached of one of the video..
this is the second video dat v act..which is "cinderella"
n im the cinderella..
wahaha...but is a casual actor...who totally forget wat cinderella story talking about...
i think non of my frens who involved in this drama wil knw im uploading this video ba..
if nt me GG lo..haha
besides, i wan to tell all of them...
"i love u all" , thz to be my good frens..
hope our relationships can be forever n ever~~~

在 女 孩 挣 扎 的几 天 后,
她 觉 得 应 该 再 次 鼓 起 勇 气 向B 表 达 自 己 对 他的 心 意。。
因 为 她 怕再 不 说 的 话 。。
可 能 有 天 她 会 后 悔, 那 时 就 可 能 什 么 都 失 去 了。。
但 她 又 怕 说 了。。。得 到 的 并 不 是 她 要 的 答 案 !!
而影 响 了 他 们 的 友 谊。。
就在29 日。。
女 孩 和 她 的 好 友 一 块 去 了 一 个 可 以 让 人 放 松 心 情 的 世 界。。



today is valetine day..
but im still yet single..haiz...
haha...but anyway, jz treat it as normal day lo..
one day later i oso will have my valentine day d...im jz waiting answer from him~~

when he jx will give me answer le...i had been waiting for nearly 3 years ed...
so tired to wait the answer from him...but i knw i will not give up easily d...i will wait until i get the real answer from him...

now im just scared he too stressful only...
i don't even want he so stress,but wat can i do for him??
i couldn't help him for anything...i couldn't..cz im useless actually~~~
i hope i can change my useless to useful!!! but when jz i can change it??
im too lazy ed..owez keep play wif others n like to waste time~~
life is unexpected~~~~

life is nt owez go wif wat v want...
so v mz accept everything dat happen to us and take it as experience....
don't let it happen again in our life, try to prevent it~~~

GG lo...hvnt do my assignment yet~~fan r..don't know how to do..wakaka

longtime didn't update my blog ed~~
today i will update it is because i don't know what should i do in order to help B to reduce his burden...
looking him for this few days,i felt that he got a lotz of things to think and didn't have the solution to settle his problem~~~
i really hope that i can help him to think the solution,but i don't know what is really going on so i can't think off the solution for him...
if he still keep thinking this, i really scare he will fall down one day later..
i don't wanna see him fall down..
actually he is not a normal guy, he got a special attitude,thinking and ideas just don't have the chance to show it out~~
that's why im thinking what should i do to help him..
between im still a student what should i do for...
i can't help him~~i hope i can faster graduate and help him to show out his expert~~~
hope god can bless me~~~
and i hope he can share everythings with me...either happy nor sad...