~~my little world~~

sometimes i don't know how to express my true feeling!!Thus, i like to write it out~~~hope after that ,i will feel better and comfortable!!

tORtoIsE's bLoG~~~@@!!

~~i'm a pretty tortoise~~keke!!

erm, it was happened on Saturday night...

after back from work, i was felt hungry and went to kitchen for a milo, and my mum was standing beside me to have her drink also..
at that moment, we started to chat regarding my sister situations in Aus...
from the moment we chat i feel like want ask mummy to sponsor me some money to buy a dress for ball night but i was no dare to ask as i know she will scold me because me going to spend money again...
so, im thinking to tell her in a indirect way..hehe..(jia dao bao)
after few minutes of our conversation, i told mum that...
"mum, do u know im going to a ball night which held by our school in the following monday? besides, this maybe is the last year for having this ball night in Kuala Lumpur so i was decided to go with my friends...but the problem that i facing now is i don't have enough money to afford a dress for that night as it maybe expensive or maybe i want buy other things. So, mum can u sponsor me a bit? "
after i told my mum, then she is laughing at me and ask how much i need for the dress that i want? and u already find the dress that u like?
then i tell her " actually i haven't go and see any dress because i don't have money to buy"..haha
after she heard then she think for a while and said she knows for a ball night dress is quite expensive and asked me again how much of money i wan her sponsor?
then i just silent and looking at her...then she said isnt 1++ sth is enough for u?
and i answered her "shd be enough for me ba"..
(actually i just wan my mum sponsor me 50 bucks only..haha..too bad..)
however, she didn't said that she really will sponsor me..then i was thinking she maybe joking wif me jek as she don't like me always buy clothes...

after one hour later, she came in my room and asked me to do her a favor..
after she told me what shd i do, then i asked again "mum, u reli will sponsor me d ho"
then she said ball night dress is really expensive d le...
and i said "i know but...(smiling at her)"
after that, she told me that i will give u *** 2moro but u cannot spend all of the money...ok?
from the moment she was agreed to sponsor me, i feel very happy and very love my mum as this is the first time she didn't scold me for asking her to sponsor me for a dress...

wah, it's really great that i get the sponsor from her...
i wan to tell my mummy that, "mummy i really love u o"..wakaka...

and today i really bought a black long dress ed..
i like the dress but after i bought i feel like its too mature ed la..
how r?should i wear on that day? but i gt a feel wanna go and buy a new one but if let my mum knows then she will scold and kill me le...
gt a uncertainty here~~~
tarzan dress, should i wear u? a(pointless)haha



u post u pic here la, with ur tarzan dress
hehe, then we see whether suitable or not la,
ask opinion from ppl mah
but no suprise liao lo later.
since ur mum sponsor some,
should u wear it?
at least, let me see la, ahah

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