~~my little world~~

sometimes i don't know how to express my true feeling!!Thus, i like to write it out~~~hope after that ,i will feel better and comfortable!!

tORtoIsE's bLoG~~~@@!!

~~i'm a pretty tortoise~~keke!!

Today,i was like normal days click into my mail box and saw a mail with the title of "从生日判断你是什么脾气‏"..

With the wish want to know whether it is true or not, thus i have clicked into this mail and scroll down to search for my birthday day...

when found my birthday day then i was carefully read through the details and i found that it is really accurate..

all the words is describing me with none of it that make me feel is incorrect...
this is what has described me..


especially 对于讨厌的人,会毫不保留地加以唾弃 so better don't be a person that i hate~~!!!haha...

yet i'm wondering really can determine a person just from birthday day??
however, if you really know well about me sure you will agree with the above blue sentence which is describing me..but it seems like excluded one more sentence ed.."is a lazy boom"~~~!

there is different type of human being in our world~~
actually i olso do not exactly know how many type it's exist in our world.. i have a very BIG question mark for this question!!!
however, i can see that there is few types of different people that are surrounding us..
these can be categorized into :
1) a person who really treat you as he/her best friend and without any motive.
2) a person who treats you as friend with a motive.
3) a person who is acting as your best friend in front you but talking your bad things behind.
4) a person who acts as a good person in front of someone.
5) a person who likes to act at everytimes.
6) ....etc
The first type of people is worth to be treated as best friend, BUT as we know it's quite difficult to have all friends which are under this categorized. This is because every human is selfish, they just care about themselves and do not think about others.
Furthermore, some people treated you as good friend is caused you got the value for them, and when you are non-value for them, they will just kick you away. This type of human is not worth to be treated as good friend and we should have a distance with them. Sometimes most of us will meet a friend who is acting as our good friend but they are talking your bad things with other and do anything that injur you. Most of this happened when they are jealous with you,especially when you have a good relationship with someone. At this time, they will keep talking about you with other or even with your best friend. They purpose is to break down your relationship. Therefore,must be aware of this type of people. Unfortunately, we do not know whether someone is fallen under which categorized before be friend with them, as we just can see their real face after as a friend~~!! This is the most scary thing in the world~~
I'm very curious why got so many type of people?? why they cannot treat everyone equally or fairly and why must break other relationship. The BIG question for me is non the above at all, the above is just a small question mark for me~~@@

the big question mark for me right now is " WHY MUST A PERSON ACTING TO LET OTHER FEEL HE/SHE IS A GOOD PERSON"..That's why sometimes i prefer to be alone but for me i cannot live without any friend...Lucikly i got my best friend, who i know they wont do anything that will hurt me~~!! i really love them~~~


finally, im a last year student ed...
when in foundation, i keep thinking of::
-can i finish my foundation?
-will i pass all the paper with no resit and repeat?
the same questions keep pop in my mind that force me to study hard...
and with the "ri lian da sheng ren" bless..i was passed my foundation with the a not bad result..

after in degree...
the same questions were around me~~!!
-when i will graduate?
-hope that i will graduate next sem?
-when see all the senior friends graduated, i feel happy for them?
these all questions make me to faint....but finally now in year three ed..
actually quick happy..@_@

so last year ed...i need to fight with all the papers~~!!
now, the thesis make me sot ed..
actually, i duno wat to do with this thesis~~!!
where should we start?
wat topic should we do?
really is a Blank~~QQ
hope i can get a topic soon...
and successfully finish dis thesis...

ChaRlie gambate!!~~
kerpei,teoh n phaik yin let us gambate together ya..
all the best in the future~~!!