~~my little world~~

sometimes i don't know how to express my true feeling!!Thus, i like to write it out~~~hope after that ,i will feel better and comfortable!!

tORtoIsE's bLoG~~~@@!!

~~i'm a pretty tortoise~~keke!!

Today,i was like normal days click into my mail box and saw a mail with the title of "从生日判断你是什么脾气‏"..

With the wish want to know whether it is true or not, thus i have clicked into this mail and scroll down to search for my birthday day...

when found my birthday day then i was carefully read through the details and i found that it is really accurate..

all the words is describing me with none of it that make me feel is incorrect...
this is what has described me..


especially 对于讨厌的人,会毫不保留地加以唾弃 so better don't be a person that i hate~~!!!haha...

yet i'm wondering really can determine a person just from birthday day??
however, if you really know well about me sure you will agree with the above blue sentence which is describing me..but it seems like excluded one more sentence ed.."is a lazy boom"~~~!


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