~~my little world~~

sometimes i don't know how to express my true feeling!!Thus, i like to write it out~~~hope after that ,i will feel better and comfortable!!

tORtoIsE's bLoG~~~@@!!

~~i'm a pretty tortoise~~keke!!


finally, im a last year student ed...
when in foundation, i keep thinking of::
-can i finish my foundation?
-will i pass all the paper with no resit and repeat?
the same questions keep pop in my mind that force me to study hard...
and with the "ri lian da sheng ren" bless..i was passed my foundation with the a not bad result..

after in degree...
the same questions were around me~~!!
-when i will graduate?
-hope that i will graduate next sem?
-when see all the senior friends graduated, i feel happy for them?
these all questions make me to faint....but finally now in year three ed..
actually quick happy..@_@

so last year ed...i need to fight with all the papers~~!!
now, the thesis make me sot ed..
actually, i duno wat to do with this thesis~~!!
where should we start?
wat topic should we do?
really is a Blank~~QQ
hope i can get a topic soon...
and successfully finish dis thesis...

ChaRlie gambate!!~~
kerpei,teoh n phaik yin let us gambate together ya..
all the best in the future~~!!


Yaya...We sure can MAKE it de !!!!!!!!
Gambate 2gtr ^^

hehe..yaya..we same group ed..
must gambate...

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