~~my little world~~

sometimes i don't know how to express my true feeling!!Thus, i like to write it out~~~hope after that ,i will feel better and comfortable!!

tORtoIsE's bLoG~~~@@!!

~~i'm a pretty tortoise~~keke!!

haha..stupid me, owez waste time to do something for him..hehe..
but i think should be valueable ba...
wat i will do for this time le..hehe..
it is not a secret but it is a secret to him...@_@

in this few weeks, i keep thinking what i wan to do in this coming sem break le..
think for few weeks ed...
finally i got an idea...
i wan make a birthday cake for him..
so most probably i will use this sem break time to learn how to do a birthday cake...
although his birthday is still far away but i think it is the suitable time for me to start learn ed..
because i know myself dont have much time to learn as i still need to work also and do it correctly plus delicious in a short time period..
therefore, i should start in this coming sem break..hehe..
i can't wait for this coming holidays ed..
i tell myself that i must learn it probably and pratice until i can do it..
actually, i want do his favorite cake but my fren told me i should learn how to do tiramisu..
as they said tiramisu just can show the feelings..haha..tat's y confusing..hehe..
but i think i will follow what they said ba..hehe..

btw,my lovely friend said wan record down my effort in learning and doing the cake to let him see my effort...(thx to her o, love u)
but i think this is not the most important that i want from making this cake..
i just wan him feel my real effort and heart....
hehe..hope he can feel it...
i hope he will like it..

waiting that day....
hope i reli got that time to do and achieve the target that i was set....

charlie gambate!!


shd be unacheievable ed..
as i have limited of time~~
but i reli hope i can achieve it..

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